About Us

We are an outreach service helping vulnerable families and the elderly.

We serve the East Midlands/ West Midlands/ Warwickshire

Front line services are already running at full capacity so it is our duty to stand up and help those most in need.

We are offering the following services

Advice Service – signposting where vulnerable service users can get help and advice, making sure they are aware of what benefits they are entitled to and making sure they are not feeling isolated because #WeCareUK. We will be giving housing advise to private & social housing tenants to help them during these difficult times.

Shopping / Food Bank Service – This is 7 days worth of food based upon dietary requirements. Hygeine and Sanitary items will also be provided.

Do you run a restaurant/takeaway service or food kitchen in your area? Are you able to support your community?

Transport service – Assisting elderly and vulnerable families to attend appointments from remote areas.

Prescription collection service available to the elderly, disabled and vulnerable families.

Care & Support Service – which explains what the symtoms of coronavirus are in more detail and gives advice on how to stay safe. We also have trained councillors available to ensure the vulnerable are supported. (This will be operated as a call back service to ensure we are able to give a helpful service)

If you are able to help participate in your area or signpost our services to those in need please get intouch.

Do you have elderly or vulnerable families living in your area?

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